Variable Data Printing & Mailing Service

carbonless forms, brochures, trifolds, flyers, rack cards, paperback books,

Would you like to personalize each printed piece and bring in more business at a low cost to you?

Variable Data Printing (VDP) or Variable Image Printing is a customized and personalized type of digital printing that our Xerox 700 Digital Color Press with FreeFlow Print Server is perfect for. Databases containing specific consumer information make each piece of the same mail design personalized to each recipient. It's perfect for giving the same basic information to a group while also adjusting the information to each individual customer - personalized documents grab more attention and generate much better results than generic ones.

Personalized information can be printed onto postcards, coupons, flyers, brochures and letterheads.

Plus there is no limit to its uses:

• Motels can encourage return customers by mailing out personalized postcards offering a deal to stay three nights get the fourth night free

• Salons can advertise a special on hair and nail services, including the clients name and favorite colors

• Real estate agents might send postcards featuring houses that would be tailored to the interests of prospective buyers

• Retail stores may want to add their frequent shoppers names to thank you letters with a coupons to bring in return business

Anyone can now easily have large amounts of letters, flyers and postcards printed with the same basic layout but different data on each one. Variable Data Printing enables you to be more intentional about your marketing strategy by providing a way to personalize any printed piece.

What do I need to get started?

We need an Excel document, ".csv" or ".txt" file with headings at the top of each column, such as name, address, city, state and any other information you would like to add to the printing.

carbonless forms, brochures, trifolds, flyers, rack cards, paperback books, You can give us the layout complete or let us know how you would like it designed. We can accept InDesign files with the links or a PDF from any program. The information can be emailed to us or brought in on CD or USB Flash Drive. We can handle 25MB email attachments.

We would be happy to partner with you in exploring Variable Data Printing.




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